Journal of An Earthborn

(An Alternal Journal)

Journal of an Earthborn
24 March 1978
This was intended as a journal for a fictional alternal version of myself, who, on December 14th, 2004, suddenly found himself falling into another world/dimension/whatever. Since then, he's made do, living there, and eventually finding himself on other worlds, tending to drift along.

It was intended as a way to get me writing on a regular basis, without worrying about whether it's good or not, and whether I felt like it or not. And it's done that job... so much so that I write too much that I don't have time to update this anymore at present. I may come back to it at some point, but not for a while.

Because LJ has decided to put ads on basic accounts for non-logged in users (going back on their long-term promise of no ads for basic accounts), I've made the journal Friends Only to prevent them from generating revenue from _my_ writing. I doubt there'll be much interest, but if you really want to see it, friend and you'll be friended back.

There's also an Index listing important entries and breaking it up into various sections, mostly for my own ease of reference.

The remainder of the userinfo is just a holdover from when the journal was public and ongoing.

There's a full Frequently Asked Questions list here, but the short version is:

The journal will run in real time. The only difference between myself and the character will be that he didn't invent this particular cosmology (although, he was planning on starting an alternaljournal on the same day, it would have been a different one). It is honest in the sense that I am writing as I would in the situation - anything I refer to about my own opinions or history on Earth is either true (or my best guess at my reaction in a situation) or something I'd deliberately lie about in a private journal. Only the events are false.

Comments are considered 'Out of Character' and will be responded to directly by the real me. I won't play the 'respond to comments as though you're having an actual conversation with my alternaljournal self' game here, although I do at times do that on sages_of_chaos, and may not respond to IC comments in this journal because it can be confusing... but I'll happily respond to OOC comments about events or questions from a behind the scenes perspective.